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CSU San Marcos ABSN - Fall 2015

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I didn't see a thread started for this yet and I was wondering if anyone else has been accepted to the Fall 2015 ABSN program at CSUSM yet? I received an email from CSUSM on 1/22/2015 that my application had been received. I finished my application online back in December 2014 but it took several calls to the Extended Learning office to get my application from "Saved" to "Posted" status.

I applied and was just accepted! Have you gotten in yet?

Have not heard anything yet... if you don't mind my asking how long did it take for the time you submitted your app to get an answer?

Ummmm I think i applied back in november/december.

I called the extended learning office last Wednesday, 2/25. The woman I talked to said that my application was complete but it would probably be at least another month before I heard anything. She said they are reviewing apps some other high-priority programs right now. Just hurry up and wait at this point. I hope I get in for Fall :nailbiting:

Hello everyone!

I just applied and sent my transcripts this past week for fall 2015.

From reading past posts I see the evaluation took up to 6-8 weeks to go through, so I'm far behind you guys, but i still hope i have a chance to get in!

I was wondering, do you guys have any idea on how full the acceptance of fall 2015 cohort is? Unfortunately I'm not much of a competitive applicant, standing at about 25 points so I may think i might even get rolled over to spring 2016 :/

Hello everyone!

I finished my application back in January and they received my transcripts in the beginning of February but I still haven't heard anything! I hope I find out soon.

I applied in February and just sent in my transcripts. I am taking the TEAs next month! I feel like I have low points too since I didn't do so well on the pre-core classes. I am thinking of retaking some this summer. I think I have around 25-26 points as well. I wonder do we get first dibs if we get rolled over to the spring 2016 or how does it work?

Let me know how it goes for all of you! I have no idea how full it is. I've head back but I'm the only person I know of that's in the cohort so far.

I just got my conditional acceptance for Fall 2015! Has anyone else heard back yet?

@mbk1988 congrats! mind sharing your stats? I couldn't get a 70% on my TEAS :( so i am retaking it in June

Did you hear back through email or did you get a letter in the mail? I just got my evaluation sheet this past Monday so I don't know how long it'll take for them to get back to me

I am going to make a facebook group for us to slowly join if you guys are interested!

Look for

CSUSM ABSN Fall 2015 Temecula Cohort 23

and join us if you are attending the FALL 2015 Cohort :) Look forward to getting to know people!

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@aczhao Thank you! I got an 87 on the TEAS my first time. Make sure you use the ATI book to study, it's the best one out there!

Did you hear back through email or did you get a letter in the mail? I just got my evaluation sheet this past Monday so I don't know how long it'll take for them to get back to me

I got an email a day after I got my evaluation back! I'm not sure how it works, but I would keep checking your myCSUSM and email. Hopefully you hear back soon too!

Hi all, I also applied to CSUSM for ABSN fall 2015. I submitted all my paperwork in mid March so I am guessing it is going to take a while to hear back from them.

Hello all,

I was wondering if you got accepted, would mind sharing your points, please?

Iam also waiting to hear from them. I submitted everything the first week of Feb and I got my evaluation paper last week but havent heard anything about getting accepted so Im getting very anxious and worried about my score and if its competitive enough to getin for Fall. :(

Thank you