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I thought my fellow csn students would be interested to know that we are now getting academic credit for participation in the csn chapter of NSNA. The board members of our chapter fought very hard for this and it would be great if we were all able to benefit from their hard work.

In addition to the obvious benefit of those extra points, this a great way for us to network and build relationships that will benefit both our academic and professional careers.

You can find up to date info when you sign into Angel, in the toolbox, the "online groups" link.

I look forward to seeing you at the next meeting in August!!!!


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CSN student nurses should join the NSNA. Not only because you will get extra-credit for just being a member (and meeting a few requirements) but because it is a great organization that is geared toward helping student nurses.

Next meeting is August 15, 2009 at 1 p.m. at West Charleston Campus, Building K, Room 108 unless otherwise noted on Angel. Log in to your Angel account and once the main page pops up you click on "Online Groups" under 'Toolbox' then under 'Community Groups' you will see NSNA and you can click on the letters for more information.

We are looking forward to an fun and exciting year of activities geared toward helping nursing students and hope that all the students enrolled will join and support Nevada and CSN during this years mid-year conference being held in Phoenix, AZ October 29-November 1. As a member you will be granted excused absence from class/clinical for attending any conference even for the part time students.

As massagechick said, PLEASE come and support us at our August meeting. We will be gearing up for elections for all CSN officer positions, which I personally intend to run for President.

We look forward to seeing and meeting you August 14, Friday at 1 p.m.


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:up: thanks for the info. i've got the date marked.


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I am sorry which date? Aug 15 or Aug 14th? you said both dates....


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My apologies for the confusion on the date :banghead:, and thank you mia70 for catching that. I get so excited :yeah: talking about NSNA I just lose my mind...haha j/k

The date of the meeting is Friday, August 14, 2009 at West Charleston Campus, Building K, Room 108 and hopefully there will be so many new faces that we will have to move to the auditorium!!

Feel free to ask questions if you are unsure how NSNA can and will help you in nursing. I was unsure at first but after some research I realize what a benefit it is...not to mention you get 4 points towards didactic/clinical combo courses (like Nurs 101) just for being a member and 6 for being an officer!!

Look forward to seeing and meeting you all...:D


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Is this association for pre-nursing students? Or only for those already accepted into the program?


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bluebirdlv- that is actually a good question. I am quite sure that the NSNA is designed specifically for enrolled nursing students for ADN & BSN programs. However, I do believe that LPN's and pre-nursing students can also apply to help out with CSN's NSNA. My advice would be to show up to the meeting on Friday the 14th at 1 pm. The details are listed above so I won't post them again for the sake of being redundant.

Our current president is the state NSNA president also, so he would know for certain whether you should/could join or not. I intend to run for president of CSN NSNA for this upcoming semester and if it were up to me, I would highly encourage pre-nursing students to join and help out. This way you can meet current students, get advice on classes you should take, instructors you should take, and meet nursing program staff members. I wish I would have known about and joined prior to getting accepted. Neither here nor there, one of the main goals of NSNA is to promote nursing practice, and help fellow nursing students excel in the nursing program or towards our ultimate goal of becoming a nurse.

I wish you best of luck in your endeavor, and hope to see and meet you soon at our meeting. Stay focused and motivated and you will be starting the program sooner than you think! :D


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Ok, so I did a little research into the bylaws of the NSNA. And here is some good information for you.

Section 2. Categories of Constituent Membership: Members of the

constituent associations shall be:

1. Active members:

a) Students enrolled in state approved programs leading to licensure

as a registered nurse.

b) Registered nurses enrolled in programs leading to a baccalaureate

degree with a major in nursing.

c) Active members shall have all of the privileges of membership.

2. Associate members:

a) Prenursing students, including registered nurses, enrolled in college

or university programs designed as preparation for entrance into a

program leading to an associate degree, diploma or baccalaureate

degree in nursing.

b) Associate members shall have all of the privileges of membership

except the right to hold office of president and vice president at

state and national levels.

The annual dues for sustaining members shall be established by the

Board of Directors, and shall be paid directly to the NSNA office.

$30 per year with $10 of that being sent to the state NSNA in which you will be attending your schooling. Or you can pay $50 for a 2 year membership.

As I said earlier, hope to see you at our meeting on Friday the 14th. :D


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This is good news! I was going to ask about this at the meeting because my broken arm isn't healing fast enough and I am forced to withdraw and start in the spring instead. Even though I won't technically be a nursing student this semester, I still plan on working the community health and fundraising events.


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:confused: Are you serious?? That totally stinks! I am soo sorry to hear that. Is there no other way you can possible hold out? Have you talked to any of the instructors or your adviser about this? I would hate to see you drop out now when we are just about to start!!

Good luck, see you at the meeting??


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yeah... it's too risky to start when i don't know how i'm going to heal. i have very limited range of motion in my radial-ulnar joint. taking notes is difficult and i don't want to re injure it by trying to do too much. i'm a massage therapist so i need to heal properly and get back to work. there are classes i need for my bachelors that i'm taking, so all isn't lost.


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well I am glad that you are still positive...I don't know what I would do if I had to drop out at this point! I would probably have to :banghead: do something like that!!

hope it heals really fast so you can get back to work soon!

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