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Hi everyone!

I'm in a bit of a dilemma. My financial status requires me to work at least the first semester of the nursing program. So I'm trying to work details out ahead of time instead of getting myself into a pickle during the program. I will hopefully be starting spring 2019. So I have a couple questions:

  • Is it possible to work a job during the first semester?
  • How does the first semester schedule work?
  • Is working as a part time CNA realistic for the rest of the program?

I'm paying for classes on my own so I'm trying to work out finances and school. I know it will be difficult and I'm willing to adjust, just want to get an idea of my options first. Also, I dont want all the financial burden to be on my husband during these next two years. The Health Adviser did not give me direct insight to the classes. Just said they were based on a lotto system?

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It's possible to work during the first semester as long as you keep up with your studying. In my program, most people worked.

I can't truly tell you how the first semester will go because it's different in every school. I will say that unless you have prior nursing experience, it's nothing like you're used to. A&P 1 and 2 did not prepare you enough.

I worked part time as a CNA throughout my nursing program. It's not convenient but it is possible. Make flashcards! I recommend no more than 10: they're not notes; they are supposed to jog your memory. Also, save up a good deal and stock up on food.

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