Csn nursing spring 2012 study group


I am getting so anxious for school to start that I find myself wanting to start the studying! I know, crazy right? Just wondering where you all live and maybe we can start forming some groups. I also want to be sure I am doing everything I need to prepare for the semester. Anyone hear any good tips from previous semesters?


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Funny, I would have thought I posted this. I am the same way. I would love to get into some good study habits and just get ahead, if that's possible. I am really worried about the Math portion of it. I HEAR that's the part most have trouble with. I live in the Summerlin area (by Red Rock Casino) and would love to meet up with people. I am going to be in the part-time RN program.

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count me in! i live off of tenaya and washington!

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Thats odd. I thought that i would start this thread. Lol, oh well. You beat me to it. Anyway, the advice i would give is to not go over 4 ppl. If it does, split it in half.


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A study group is definitely a great idea, and I would be down for one asap. I'm going to be moving and am looking at apartments near there.

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The second orientation states their is a ATI test. Do we have to take this test again?

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the ati testing is regarding the practice tests for the nursing program. We will find out more about the testing on the first orientation day

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I'll probably start a study group when class begins. It's too early for me to consider it right now. I'll be backing off this subject for now...


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I'm in first semester now and I'd love to share some tips but this program has fried my brain!