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CSN Full-time Question

I heard through a friend that if you are in the full time program, that there is a form you can fill out at financial aid so that you are deemed a full-time student even though the program is only 8 credits first semester. However, financial aid says that they've never heard of anything like this. Anyone know anything about this? What is the form called? I really don't want to have to pick up a 4 credit class to add to next semester!!!


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I haven't heard of a form that states you're full time. There is however, one that you can fill out to qualify for "increased need" due to being in the nursing program (and all it's financial requirements) - so it increases the money you're allowed to borrow or receive as a grant.

Thanks! I'll be sure to stop by financial aid after the orientation on Friday and ask about this.

don't pick up any other classes you will have your hands full it may be only 8 but it's a heavy load

I don't really have an option. My youngest is still in daycare and I have to be a full-time student to keep her spot. She was on a huge waitlist to get in and only parents who work/go to school full-time can use this daycare. I think I'll just take a keyboarding class online. Should have minimal homework with that I'd assume....


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My friend had to take a simple online class this semester to get full-time status. Just pick an easy one (online is better - so you don't actually have to GO)!

yea, that is what I thought too. My 'easy' online math class had a boot full of work to go with it. Not hard, time consuming. It would have been easier if I had not had to do it but I did it. I did not realize it was accelerated so it has been over since the end of October but it kicked my butt!

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