having CRS syndrome (can't remember sh==) dosage calculations

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i have recently returned to work after being off for 6 months. i had to go thru orientation again and have to take a test. I am drawing a blank on doing med conversions


med available 0.4mg/ml med ordered 400mcg answer____mls

med available 25mcg tab med ordered 0.1mg answer____tab

med available 10gr supp med ordered gr1/4 answer____mls

can you suggest any web sites for refreshening my memory or help me out. I think we all get used to the pharmacy doing all the conversions for us and its like everything else, if you don't use it,you loose it

thanks a bunch. please pm me

I did a search on "math for meds" and "drug calculations" and came up with a few sites. Try http://www.-isu.indstate.edu/nurs/mary/mathprac.htm


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I PM'ed you with some examples, hope it helps.

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