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For some background, I obtained my RN 2 years ago and immediately went back for my BA, which ended up being in psych. I have just graduated and am looking for FT work in psych. I have been working PT and PD in psych the past 2 years, and worked as a residential counselor for ~ 15 mos while in nursing school.

I have been looking for jobs the past few months and am a bit burnt out on the process (originally I was looking for a clinical psychology research assistant position, which are very competitive). Currently I have one job offer (job A) which I have to make a decision on by next Fri at the latest (orientation would start June 1), an interview that went really well (Job B) which I will hear back from by next Wed, and an interview scheduled for next Wed (job C).

What I am looking for: Ideally, I would love a day position, 8-4 or 9-5 (although I know this is rare). My SO will likely work days (he just graduated with his MSW and is also looking for jobs), and I want to spend time with him. I would also rather not work w/e's (obviously). I am interested in community outreach positions, but would also like to get more experience in the hospital.

Job A: 32 hours in a psych hospital. 24 hours are evenings as a charge nurse on a 6-bed unit (generally, less acute than the main units) working with one MH counselor. E/o week I would work one weekend shift. 8 hours would be as admission nurse for the whole psych hospital (total of about 60 beds) on 1 weekday.

Pros: get more hospital experience, wouldn't have to get up early, hospital seems like a great place to work (everyone seems really friendly and happy there), pay and benefits are great, would get a solid orientation on the main unit (my orientations have been a bit shoddy)

Cons: 3 evening shifts (wont see SO for dinner/etc), would have to do e/o weekend, I would be working as the only nurse on the 6 bed unit-- I am not worried so much about safety issues (I have a v. similar PD position now, and the unit is adjacent to the main unit)--but feeling lonely/isolated--One of the things I love about psych nursing is the camraderie felt between co-workers

Job B: 40 hours as health and wellness nurse for a MH agency. I would be involve in creating health/wellness education programs for clients and staff, doing MAP (med administration) trainings for counselors, medically advise on a small caseload of about 6 medically compromise clients (in residential settings), provide medical/nutrition/case consultation, and supervise several other health/wellness educators. Shifts are 10-6 days, and the position is one of many in a team.

Pros: days, and i dont even have to get up early! this is an ideal shift for my sleep cycle; I would get to use my creativity and contribute to the health/wellness of many clients; I like the idea of being able to advise and be respected for my specialized knowledge in the field; I like providing education; I would be an integral member of a team (I like working in teams); the location is very near where I live

Cons: I would probably be supervising ppl with more experience than I, I dont have much supervisory experience, I only have 3 years of experience in MH, and more importantly 2 years of nursing experience--which hasn't even been FT--so I might feel a bit over my head, esp with medical advising

Job C: 40 hrs in a crisis stabilization setting. I would be "charge nurse" (I work as charge now in a 6 bed crisis unit) and work with CNA's and the prog director/CNS to run groups, oversee/advise on meds, be a triage liason, etc-- kind of a care coordination position, but with direct contact with pts (10 or 11 beds). Position would be 40 hrs days (probably 8-4 or 9-5)

Pros: the hours are great, I have worked in a crisis stabilization setting before and like it, I would get to advise & have direct contact

Cons: again, I might feel a bit lacking in experience; Also: I'm not sure if they could make a decision on the position before I would have to let Job A know. Job A might allow me to start on July 1st (since they don't have a backup person in mind for the position, they would have to wait anyways, since orientation starts the first of the month), but I feel a bit guilty

Summary: So, it depends on whether I get offered Job B, and how the interview goes with C. I am sick of interviewing and job seeking (I am also finishing up an independent project from school which is very involved), but this is my first "real" full-time job, and I want to make sure I am as happy as possible. I could just wait until something else pops up...this is option D.

I know this is long but I would very much appreciate your advice.

Thanks for reading:redbeathe:redbeathe



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sorry to say but I think you're post is too long for many to read thus no response....sorry!

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This all really sounds like a decision you have to make yourself. I don't see anything in here that other nurses could advise you on other than whether or not you have enough experience to supervise (I'd be hesitant, but then, it sounds like you'd have other resources backing you up). Other than that, it's all personal preferences.

Good luck.

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