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Crossbred Dogs

Pointer + Setter

Poinsetter, a traditional Christmas pet

Kerry Blue Terrier + Skye Terrier

Blue Skye, a dog for visionaries

Great Pyrenees + Dachshund

Pyradachs, a puzzling breed

Pekingnese + Lhasa Apso

Peekasso, an abstract dog

Irish Water Spaniel + English Springer Spaniel

Irish Springer, a dog fresh and clean as a whistle

Labrador Retriever + Curly Coated Retriever

Lab Coat Retriever, the choice of research scientists

Newfoundland + Basset Hound

Newfound Asset Hound, a dog for financial advisors

Terrier + Bulldog

Terribull, a dog that makes awful mistakes

Bloodhound + Labrador

Blabador, a dog that barks incessantly

Malamute + Pointer

Moot Point, owned by....oh, well, it doesn't matter anyway

Collie + Malamute

Commute, a dog that travels to work

Deerhound + Terrier

Derriere, a dog that's true to the end

Cocker Spaniel + Rottweiller

Cockrot, the perfect puppy for that philandering ex-husband

Bull Terrier + Shitzu

Bullshitz, a gregarious but unreliable breed

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