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Hi everyone,

I;m currently applying for travel positions in WA. I live in MI. Would you guys recommend driving my car, flying and shipping my car (which is VERY expensive) or flying and renting a car (I do have a car note though :yuck:)? I'm leaning towards driving myself but that is a very long drive... almost 48 hours.... Tips? Advice? This is going to be my firrst travel assignment and I'm going to be solo so any advice would be welcome!!



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your best bet is to drive the car that is what traveling is all about. shipping is expensive and flying there means you need a rental car which cuts into your pay. thats part of the fun and criteria for traveling. it may not sound glamarous driving 48hr but think of this wonderful country you get to see. pros and cons--you decide.

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I'd say drive - it's part of the adventure. Been traveling for 16 yrs now and have criss-crossed the country multiple times. Just be sure to have AAA or other roadside assistance plan, allow yourself at least 1 more day of travel time than you think you need (lower stress and the option to sightsee along the way) and be sure to have at least $100 in cash tucked away with you. This last as someone who has had the experience of being enroute when the local ATM systems all went down (you couldn't even use a card at the gas pumps) That 100 will ensure you can at least get a motel room and some gas.