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Hi Everyone,

I am writing my CRNE exam in June. I was looking at the schools in the Toronto area. I called a few schools and they all let me talk to the teacher to find out about their course.

When I called the school the person there was asking me for my exam results or proof to see if I was registered to write the CRNE exam just to talk to the teacher. That was very different as compared to the other schools I called like nurses education and the Toronto school of nurisng etc.. All these schools were so helpful they even told me to come in and sit in on a class to see if I would like their course. All these school teachers called me back and were very helpful in answering all my questions.

I don't know if this experience has happened to you but I do not feel comfortable in providing my information to a school unless I signup for the course. So, due to my experence with I will not do their course and will pick another school.

I just wanted to share my experence with what happened.

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Oh, I think you're very right in feeling some misgivings about this! I did a little checking. The contact-us link gives a street address that that belongs to a residential condo complex on a street with some lovely homes on it. The phone book has 61 separate names and phone numbers associated with that address so there's no way of knowing which one is "the one". The course is all on-line, and the requirement for a web-cam and clear view of you and your surroundings at all times is quite alarming. The price is ridiculous ($500 for a two-day ONLINE course??) and there's really no way to get your money back if the "course" isn't meeting your needs. The disclaimer in their terms and conditions that says they're not liable in any way if you can't access the site, and that there's no guarantee that information on the site is complete, true, accurate or non-misleading and that nothing on the website is meant to be considered advice of any kind sets off all kinds of alarm bells for me. And THEN I found a glaring spelling mistake in the course description. Run!!

Hi Everyone, I am looking for a good review course either in class or online. Does anyone know of any.


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I highly recommend You will have to spend at least 3 months minimum to complete the study guide. I was 2nd time exam writer. I did not go to a class because I couldn't afford it. So I studied on my own using this guide along with my nursing books and articles. I also did lots of practice questions. Of course I used the prep guide and also mosby's. Hope this helps.. Goodluck.


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I was wondering if the study guide includes practice questions or just theory?

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