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Okay, so I know the exam is now hours away, but for those of you sitting up late at night working on questions...

96% of writers who attended Nursing school in Canada pass the exam the first time around. 96%!!!! More people fail the written portion of a driving exam! So, my advice to you (and to me too as I write tommorow)...relax, take a deep breath, realize that you are much smarter than these practice questions make you feel, get a really good nights sleep, get up and have a GOOD breakfast (no, a smoke and a coffee does not constitute a good breakfast), walk into the exam with confidence.

My "trick" for multiple choice tests...

Go through the exam and answer every question that you know for sure. Once you're done, look back...see, 50, maybe 60 percent of the questions are done, and you know they are right! That's 50% right there. Now, go through the tougher ones and narrow the choices down to two answers. Pick the most logical one. You have a 50:50 chance here so you will get at least another 25%. Now you are at 75% overall...Not to bad.

Since 2000 the average pass mark for this exam has been around 65%.

So, best of luck to everybody writing. It'll all be over soon and you'll look back on this and wonder "why was I so worried?"

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Fiona59 has 18 years experience.

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You sound so confident of yourself... lets wait and see how you fare...:monkeydance:

What's wrong with being confident? Stressing out won't make you pass it.

I approached the CPNE the same way. Went to class, did the work, worked for four months before I wrote, and figured if I didn't know it now, I never would.

Could part of YOUR concerns be with the education you are getting in India and your potential ability to write in Canada in the future?

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