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I just had my interview at TJU in Philly for the CRNA program starting JAN 2016. I found out the next day that I was wait listed. I am not upset, because that is better than being rejected.

Has anyone been wait listed and then got accepted?

How does the wait list work?

What are my chances of getting accepted?

Any advice?


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I applied late last year and interviewed via Skype sometime last October. At the end of the interview they told me since they have rolling admissions, the cohort starting January 2015 was already full and I will be placed on the waitlist. It didn't bother me too much since I had already gotten in at other schools and knew I most likely wouldn't go to TJU. They told me they always have a few people drop / withdraw their acceptance so usually 2-3 people from the waitlist get to start. A couple days later they told me I was in, but I had already decided to go elsewhere. If I remember correctly, if you're waitlisted and don't get in for the cohort you applied for, you're automatically accepted for the following year. I'm not sure how many people they put on a waitlist and if you're placed in a particular order. There's a pretty good chance you'll get in for next January.

I was told that I was top 5 of the waiting list. And there are 14 people on the waiting list. They told me also that students drop but only 2-3 people get accept. So I am still nervous if I will get get in nor not. And if I have to wait until 2017 I am afraid that I will have to re-apply all over, with letters of recommendations, and another $200 application fee.

Do you know if they will make me do that all application process all over again? What school did you end up getting accepted to? Congrats by the way!!

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Just keep in mind - there are people on the waiting list with you that will get in and go to other schools, so you'll move up the line.

True. This was the only interview I had. So hopefully I get in. Your responses are very helpful. Thank you so much for commenting.