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Hi All.....

I am highly considering CRNA as a career. I have one year ER experience, ACLS, studying for CCRN, and in the interview process for a SICU position. I beleive I am on the right path. Any other suggestions on how I can make myself more attrative to these competitive programs would be greatly appreciated. Also, does anyone have any current info on Otterbein/Grant Medical program in Columbus, OH area? Its fairly new. Im interested in hearing any personal first hand experiences with this program. Thanks.

I think that you are on the right path. My suggestion would be to get all your certifications CCRN, ACLS, and PALS as quickly as possible. Then study for the GRE. I know that the Otterbein/Grant Medical program doesn't require the GRE but just in case you decide to apply to other programs. Also take organic chemistry or biochemistry and do well if you haven't already taken it and start taking graduate level courses like advanced pathophysiology and pharmacology to show that you can do well in grad school. Oh yeah make sure that you have shadowed CRNAs and good luck. Sorry I don't know too much about the Otterbein/Grant Medical program.

I would definitely get some ICU experience under your belt. Regarding grad level courses, I would check and make sure the school will accept transfer credits (I am not sure if they do?) Several other schools I applied to required grad level statistics. Otterbein's is a young, but strong program. They do require the CCRN. I had 3 years ICU experience before applying, 5 years total. Shadow a CRNA, and work on developing relationships with solid references. (nurse managers, etc.) Best wishes!

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