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CRNA with Masters



I'm planing on becoming a CRNA eventually but right now I am applying to schools to get either an accelerated BSN or MSN. If I get a MSN do I need to get another masters in anesthesia or are there other programs or options if you have a masters? I tried to find the answer to this in another thread but I couldn't find anything. Any information would be appreciated.




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You will need to complete an anesthesia program either way. With a MSN you may be able to transfer in a couple classes to a few anesthesia programs, but many anesthesia programs don't allow any transfer credits. Some anesthesia programs are MSN, about half are a master degree in nurse anesthesia, or biology, or education, or serveral other things. Five or Six are now doctoral programs. In my opinion, I wouldn't spend any extra time or money going for a MSN, Universities love those because they can jusify more tuition, but I don't think it will benefit you much.

no actually, columbia university has a certificate program for ansthesia. it's a 30 something credit, one year program. You need to have MSN degree first and u dont get another MSN with the ansthesia but just a certificate.

There are post masters certificate programs out there. Do some research on AANA website.

If you get your MSN it will set you apart from other applicants when you do apply to CRNA school. If you do WELL in an MSN program that will also show an Anesthesia Committee that you have what it takes to complete masters level classes. Be sure you have an answer to WHY you decide to switch to CRNA after already completing an MSN? (what MSN program are you pursing, just wondering)


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The Columbia post master's certificate is 24 months in length, it is 34 credit hours and the anesthesia clinical residency which takes up most of the time. You can find the information in the handbook found:

http://sklad.cumc.columbia.edu/nursing/programs/pdf/NAP2010_2011Hndbk20101025.pdf see page 15.

Their program for BSN applicants is 27 months, not much difference. All anesthesia programs must be at least 24 months in legnth.