Critique my FIRST Resume/Cover letter?


I graduated from the nursing school in May, and passed the NCLEX exam a couple weeks ago (woo!). I am applying for to work on a NICU. If anyone would please look at my resume and cover letter and leave me some tips/advice on how to fix it, I would be SO grateful! This is pretty much my dream job at an amazing hospital, so I want this to grab their attention and be perfect.

Cover letter:

"August 20, 2013

Children's Hospital


[town], [state] [zip]

Dear Sir or Madam:

I am writing to express my interest in the RN position available on the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. What attracted me to [Childrens Hospital] is the emphasis on using team work that includes medical professionals as well as family members to provide family based care. I have found that a supportive, synergistic medical team is the best foundation for treating and informing patients and their families.

My history of working with dependent adults has taught me to utilize excellent communication skills and to collaborate with family members. I am positive that I would be the perfect asset to your NICU because of my strong work ethic, my ability to work flexibly with others, and most importantly, my compassion for children.

Enclosed is my resume, and I will be happy to provide references per your request. Feel free to call me on my personal line at (###)###-####. Thank you for your consideration, and I look forward to hearing from you.


Bailey C******, RN--BSN"


"Bailey C*****


[phone number]


Reliable Registered Nurse seeking full time RN position focused on providing exceptional patient care. Strong critical thinker with a comprehensive educational background with over a year's experience as a Patient Care Associate. Self-motivated professional with strong leadership and communication skills. Flexible, quick learner who enjoys a challenge.


- Bachelor of Science in Nursing - Allen College [January, 2011 - May, 2013]

- Bachelor of Arts in Psychology - University of Iowa[August, 2006 - May, 2010]


- Registered Nurse (RN) - Iowa Board of Nursing --License no. ****** [August 2013--present] *Part of Nursing Compact*


- Provider Basic Life Support -American Heart Association

- Mandatory Reporter

Work Experience

- Certified Nurse Aide - Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare [July 2012 - present]

o Responsibilities on both a 15 bed geriatric mental health unit as well as a 18 bed chemical dependency unit include assisting with patient admission and orientation, facilitating patient group discussions, ensuring a safe environment, performing vitals assessments, and charting patient care activities.

Clinical Experience

- Allen Hospital

o Medical/Surgical, Perioperative, Critical Care, Pediatrics

- Covenant Medical Center

o Obstetrics

- Black Hawk County Department of Health

o Community Health Nursing

Additional Skills and Experience

- Volunteered at a Crisis Pregnancy Center from 2011 to 2013.

- Initiation and discontinuation of intravenous therapy.

- Insertion of straight catheters.

- Well practiced in therapeutic communication skills, and known to have consistently positive patient interactions."

Again, any help is GREATLY appreciated!!


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I would work in your psych degree in your cover letter - "In addition, I have my B.S. in Psych which arms me with an in-depth understanding of human behavior and development..." blah blah. Don't just say you have it - detail how it makes you a better nurse, because I'm sure it does.


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Congratulations on your accomplishments! You have an impressive résumé and your objectives are highlighted in the cover letter. All the best! Stay motivated!

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I'd leave off the IV and the catheters and the patient interactions-- I know these look huge to students but they are totally ho-hum to hiring managers. All students have them in school, and if they didn't do a lot, they will in their first months of employment and employers expect to work with that. You can ditch this whole section and not lose anything if you beef up your cover letter.

*Caution: if this CPC thing is a facility where they either provide nothing but legal abortion services OR provide nothing but discouragement for legal abortion services, you might not want to put it on your resume at all. Either way, somebody will be unhappy with it and if you weren't doing any nursing work there (and you weren't licensed, so you weren't) it doesn't count as experience anyway.

Move the squib about therapeutic communication up to the cover letter by your psych degree, and have a good time at your interviews!