Would you care if I put this on my resume?

  1. I am in disagreement with one of my teachers on wether or not to include 5 critical care classes I took through my hospital that they use to train their ICU nurses on my resume. I can fit it on my 1 page resume but she told me it does not have a place on a resume. I can tell them in my interview.

    I think it shows that I have gone that extra step to further my knowledge.

    As a nurse manager hiring a new grad in ICU what would you think about that on my resume? Thanks
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  3. by   llg
    As someone who has hired nurses for ICU's in the past (but not currently doing so) ...

    I would recommend including it. It shows that you had an interest in the topic -- sufficient interest to take the classes. I would be sure to make it clear exactly what the classes were, though (continuing education from a hospital, etc.) so that there would be no confusion.

    These days, you need to include everything that is legitimate that will help your application stand out. The job market is not what it used to be.

    That's assuming you are applying for a critical care position. For a different type of job, showing your interest in critical care may hurt more than it helps.
  4. by   silentRN
    I'm involved with the interview process for my unit, and to be honest with you when it comes to new grads I never look at the courses they had taken, because the real learning really is going to be hands on anyways. All that school really teaches you is how to pass the NCLEX and some out of date nursing. The real learning truly is on the job. But, you can place those on your resume, it doesn't hurt.
  5. by   gogrady
    Its nice to have as additional info to compare you to other resumes on the market but if you have other things that can take up that first page that are eye catchers for employers there are better to place up front first. Being a student you may not have a lot to through out there and these may be good courses to bring to first time employers attention. Always remember that you are competing with other candidates for the job position and that it is you who will have to explain and sell yourself to the employer in an interview. Not your teachers.