What to do when new EPIC System delays critical meds in time crisis situation

  1. I have always had the access to get the meds required in critical situations. With the new Epic System, the ER doc is the only one who has access. Now, does that seem unsafe that he must leave the bedside to go punch in an order to the pharmacy? I don't want to be an alarmist, but I can see how this could result in delays and I want to know what other ER's are doing to compensate. The Chief of Staff and Epic don't want to budge on the access and are ultimately removing the nurse from the equation. Am I missing something?
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  3. by   gonzo1
    It may not be smart or the most efficient way to treat patients, but if that is how your facility wants to do it than you will need to comply. Perhaps in time the system will change and be more user friendly.
  4. by   KJStarling
    I work with an EPIC product, and our clinicians are able to pull critical meds from Pyxis, hang them with barcode scanning, and reconcile the "over ride pull" after the patient is taken care of. It works in our facillities, so it can be done. I feel your pain, implementing a new system is like turning over a rock... a lot of think are brought to light.
    Do you have a process to make suggestions? maybe if you ask the builders/support people to look at the over ride process they will figure it out...
    Good Luck!
  5. by   NicuGal
    We went to this last year.....we worked with pharmacy to make a list of meds that could be overrode without an order in. As long as the patient is in the system we can override and then link at a later time.

    Kinks, always kinks to work out!
  6. by   stram87
    I use epic where I work and we never have problems getting emergency drugs. The doctor just puts the orders in afterwards. Hopefully these issues get straightened out for you.