Trauma, Critical Care, and Emergency Nursing: Blended Clinical Nurse Specialist + NP

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    trauma, critical care, and emergency nursing: a blended clinical nurse specialist and acute care nurse practitioner program

    this specialty prepares nurse clinicians to provide advanced nursing care across the continuum of acute care services. the specialty incorporates coursework, laboratory, and clinical experiences in a variety of acute care settings. graduates are eligible to sit for the acute care nurse practitioner examination offered by the american nurses credentialing center and by the american association of critical care nurses. graduates are also eligible to take the critical care clinical nurse specialist certification examination offered by the american association of critical care nurses. web-based courses may be available. full-time, part-time, and post-master's (non-degree) options are available.

    [color=#1122cc]widener university :: emergency/critical care

    graduates of widener's emergency/critical care nursing program now functional managers of emergency services, clinical nurse specialists in burn, trauma, and as varied critical care units, clinical educators, faculty members, trauma coordinators, are leaders in the military services, to name just a few of the opportunities they have pursued.
    [color=#1122cc]ms specialty area: critical care trauma | ucsf school of nursing

    the critical care/trauma clinical nurse specialist.
    because inpatient care focuses increasingly on treating the sickest of the sick, the need for advanced practice nurses to provide and coordinate care in emergency departments, trauma, critical care, and intensive care units has never been greater.
    the curriculum includes patho-physiology, pharmacology, monitoring and clinical management of critical care, trauma, and emergency department patients, critical analysis of practice issues, and clinical experiences in advanced practice roles.

    our graduates go on to become clinical nurse specialists, clinical educators, clinical researchers, trauma coordinators, and several other leadership positions in both established and evolving critical care, emergency, and trauma nursing roles.
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    UCSF School of Nursing looks really interesting. When I go to San Fran later this year I will have to visit that school.