Time Management Tips for New Critical Care Nurses - page 3

After I get report on my two patients, I print and interpret my telemetry strips and verify their alarms on the monitor. I then decide which one is less stable (or more labor intensive if they are... Read More

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    I'm lucky enough that in Australia, we can only be assigned one ventilated/unstable patient to one nurse. I will usually write out my entire day on a piece of paper (0800, 0900, etc) and write in the obs/drugs/nursing care due for each hour. Then in a side column I will write jobs that need to be completed, but can be done at any time (dressings, restocking etc) - I can fit that in at a slower time, like after lunch, and I always leave dressings until the doctors have been, since you can be sure if you get in early, they will want to pull it down on their rounds. If there is a line change due, I will do that when I put up a new infusion. If anything happens, I document it straight away (eg., hypotensive on turning). NEVER leave notes until the end of your shift.

    This is an awesome idea. Can you post a sample version of this?
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    I work in the ED. image-png