Pass CCRN question bank

  1. Just curious if anyone knows where I can find the Pass CCRN question bank? I do not want to purchase the whole book but want access to the practice tests. I was told this was a possibility but have been unsuccessful with finding it through google search. Thanks!
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  3. by   crna2021
    I am not sure you can access it without a book purchase, unless someone wants to share their login with you. Maybe ask a co-worker if they wouldn't mind sharing. We share our login with each other at work because our unit purchased the book.
  4. by   JenRN613
    Here is the link I believe to solely purchase the question bank: Elsevier Education Portal

    Good luck! I just passed last Thursday using strictly the Pass CCRN question bank and Laura Gasparis videos.
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  5. by   PVCCHoo
    Yeah check with others who have recently taken the test. That book seems to be the gold standard. I went ahead and bought the book from Amazon for around 80 bucks and planned to sell it back to them for a 35 dollar credit.

    Even though I hardly looked at the book, I am thinking of holding on to it since it has so much useful info all in one place.

    Like the poster above, I watched Laura's videos (again ask around - someone you work with has them) and the online questions and passed the test with no issue.

    On my unit we have a certification champ who has all kinds of resources for us to use, which really came in handy.
  6. by   Turkeylips
    Thanks everyone! I ended up getting a log in to use from a coworker. I took the CCRN on Thursday morning and passed!
  7. by   IMWonderWomanRN
    if you have a code, can you email it to me?
  8. by   kmatagasya
    Hello guys!

    So, I am planning to take CCRN adult possibly end of August. So far I have ordered CCRN Review course with AACN. I am looking for practice questions and since you guys were talking about ccrn question bank above -can anyone help me out to get to the ccrn question bank? I am avoiding to but the book if I can. Any advise is appreciated!
    Will spending more time on answering ccrn questions desirable than reading the materials or equally important?

    Thank you in advance!