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    Our facility is working on how to orientate families to the ICU environment. Currently, We don't have any written, formal way of helping families understand the culture and environment of the ICUs. Currently was have a tab under patient learning that talks about the critical care admission. It's only available for the nurse to see and is more a check off to talk about the reason for admission, the treatment team members, the ancillary staff, the ICU routine, pain management, sedation, ventilation, procedure, and my favorite "resources for family support". It's more a check off that the nurse needs to do, we aren't given actual information to go over, and it varies a lot from nurse to nurse if it's gone over at all.

    Does your facility have any pamphlets or other resources that you give families upon their arrival in the ICU? Do you us a second person to talk with the families while you work to settle the new patient? How often do the resident and/or attending touch base with the families if the families aren't there for rounds?

    I'm thinking of joining the committee that's working on this info and I'm super excited!
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  3. by   ArmaniX
    I know my facility uses a pamphlet that I've seen for each ICU department. From a glance it seems to explain visiting hours, nursing station numbers. Friendly requests to not call/disturb RN staff between hours of 7-9 AM/PM; allowing adequate time for shift report/care/shift meds/assessment. It was a one page, double sided six section pamphlet so I'm sure it included more than mentioned.
  4. by   CowboyMedic
    My uncle was admitted into the CVICU at St. Johns in Tulsa and they had a pamphlet that they give to all the family. I work at a different hospital and I'm not sure if we have one that we give out there. It would be nice if someone could come up with a program that would orientate families into what to expect as their family member is in critical condition.
  5. by   NicuGal
    Our ICU's, including NICU and PICU, have a booklet that all families are given. It has unit specific guidelines for visitation, times, how to contact the unit, etc. It has some basic info on equipment (ie monitor, vent, etc) It also includes info about parking, parking passes, food and places to stay nearby, numbers for the unit, social work, etc We go thru the booklet with them, check it off in the computer and for our unit and peds, the parents have to sign a paper stating they have been given the rules and agree to abide by them.
  6. by   Ruby Vee
    Our ICU has a booklet that families are given. It explains visiting hours, how to contact the unit, the facilities available for families in the ICU waiting room, parking information, information on the food court, cafeteria and various stand-alone dining choices within the hospital complex, etc. Because ours is a specialized unit, it also explains a little bit about ventilators, chest tubes, post-op incisions, etc.

    We also have a series of slides available on the television system that explain the same information and have pictures and brief biographies of our surgeons, intensivists, nurse manager, pharmacist, etc. And a couple of group pictures of the nurses and nurse practitioners, explaining the job responsibilities of each group.

    Be prepared for the fact that no matter how much information you give the family, they will swear they've never heard any of it before when you stop them from wandering down the hall chatting on their cell phones and peering into other patients' rooms!
  7. by   JeanOfAllTraits
    Those of you who have pamphlets, is that all you are required to give families in terms of their 'welcome to the ICU'? Do you have any other resources for family support?