How much more should I be making as a per Diem Nurse compared to full time?

  1. Hey guys!
    So I am an ICU nurse in the Tracy, CA area and I am going to change my status from full time to per diem. I have a total of 6 years experience as an RN, three of which have been in the ICU. I was just wondering how much more I should expect to make as a per diem. Never having held a per diem position before, I want to be knowledgeable on the subject so that I am paid a fair and comparable wage. Thanks so much for the help!
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  3. by   8-ball
    I am dealing with the same issue right now. I am actually a travel nurse at Kaiser north bay area. I want to get a per diem job but there are none right now. However I asked an ICU per diem nurse here what he makes and he said $85/hr days and $95 nights. I think it does adjust with years of experience so I am not sure how many years he has. Hope that helps.
  4. by   Black Coffee
    In my understanding, per-diem nurses usually make somewhat 15-20% more than full-time nurses due to no benefits. I hope this help.