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I worked extremely hard to be top of my class in hopes to be hired into my local hospital' s small ICU. I was not a hospital scholarship student (those took priority in the hiring process) but I did... Read More

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    Quote from wooh
    Sounds more like a lateral move than a "demotion." OP will still be a nurse, I didn't read anything about her getting bumped down to a tech job.

    It's the way of the world. Especially now that jobs are scarce. Nurses can be screwed around because what are we gonna do? Go get that job that doesn't exist at the next hospital?
    Eventually the economy will turn around, spouses will get back to work so that the nurses can go back to retirement, stay at home momming, working part-time, etc. And nurses will have a bit more bargaining power. Right now, it's take it or leave it. And the hospitals know it.
    It sounds like you've got a good attitude about it. I really think things happen the way they're "supposed to" happen. Make the most of the experience you'll get. Who knows, maybe you'll like it more than what you thought you'd like. In nursing school I wanted to do ICU. Did my senior practicum on a unit that the nurses worked the ICU and the step-down of that unit, and found out, I didn't like ICU. I much preferred patients that weren't intubated. (Although there are days that I truly wish my patients had a tube down their throat, and well, their families could use some strategic ET tube placement too.) Now I work in the next to last specialty that I ever thought I'd work in, and I love it. NEVER thought I'd be doing what I'm doing.
    Make the most of your time, be open to liking it, learn what you can.
    Agreed it's why I placed the "demotion" in parentheses....she is being moved from her present preferred place in critical care and moved to a "less critical" area. I think step down will be a great learning experience and when it's all said and done transfer to the "bigger" sister hospital to a specialty critical care.......like Trauma or cardiothorasic once she gets her 1 year. That managers loss will be someone else gain.
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    Yes, I do have a signed contract.
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    I'll be ok. Im half way thru my shift and so far so good. I hate that my pts are not on constant monitors though!! but I'll get used to it. btw, I'm having lunch on time for he 1st time EVER!! Haha
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    Omg ppl, she never said she wasn't grateful for the job. She is simple expressing disappointment over being told one thing and then being given another thing. I'm pretty sure as a new grad, the OP is fully aware of how hard it is to get a position.

    Quote from Phlavyah
    Yes, I do have a signed contract.
    Wait..so why exactly does your signed contract say in regards to the position? Does it explicitly state a position in the ICU?

    I signed a two year contract for my ICU position as a new grad and grateful or not, I would be pretty ****** if my hospital breached the contract by placing me in a unit not stated in the contract.
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    Thank you. You really got the "sentiment" of my post. I will have to look at my contract to tell you exactly what it says.
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    I think you have a great attitude. As wooh said, once the economy turns around nurses will have more power and opportunities. I was a BSN grad in 1978, worked med-surg for one year, then went directly to agency. Soon after I started agency, I was floated by the hospital to the ICU. (Can you imagine such a thing happening in 2012?) I loved it and was motivated. I wanted to go to work each day because I learned so much and the staffing ratios were good, plus it was a teaching hospital. For years I worked at that same hospital, in the ICU, through the agency, Monday through Friday 7-3:30 because, back then, there was a nursing shortage. After that, I was always able to get jobs in ICUs or CCUs because of the experience I'd gained. Those were the golden days of nursing for me. It was before managed care.
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