CNA in the PCU/ICU

  1. I am going to be interviewing in the PCU (float to the ICU) this coming week. I've seen how the CNA's work in the surgical floor of the hospital, but what do they usually do in the PCU? Do they normally take vitals or is this usually done by tele or the RN's? I understand what a PCU is, but what is the difference in work load? Is PCU still considered critical care? Thanks for your help!
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  3. by   sapphire18
    PCU is considered a level of care above med/surg (floor), but below ICU. Every place is different- sometimes techs will take temps and do I/Os; stocking; repositioning, and personal care. Some places you will do finger sticks, EKGs, and phlebotomy. Some places you will assist in codes, be a 1:1 sitter, or help with secretarial duties. Like I said, everywhere is different, but this is what I have seen. Definitely a great experience and great on the resume Good luck on your interview!