1. I have been working in a small ICU for 6 months and want to transfer to a larger ICU after I get a year of experience. We work with ventilators and vasoactive drips but we do not do hemodynamic monitoring. Since I have 3 years of PCU experience, should I take the PCCN exam, that I know I can pass, or go for the CCRN?
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  3. by   chare
    You can take whichever you wish. However, as you are currently working ICU the CCRN might be more appropriate.

    Best wishes in whichever one you opt for.
  4. by   seaofclouds21
    Personally, I would say go for the CCRN, but it is ultimately up to you. Since you want to go from the ICU you are already in to a larger ICU, the CCRN seems more appropriate and more beneficial for your future goals. Good luck!