Cath Lab to ICU

  1. Hello all. Just wondering about any opinions regarding this choice.

    I currently work at the Cath Lab and I've thoroughly enjoyed my time there for the past two years. Used to work at LTC for a year.
    I am starting an FNP program and I have an interview to the ICU. The issue is that I love my current job and feel very comfortable with my managers and co-workers supporting me. The docs are awesome, the hours are great. Would it be worth transitioning to ICU for the experience to learn more about nursing in order to get a broader view for FNP?

    Many thanks.
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  3. by   Wolf at the Door
    I wouldn't. Depends on the area of nursing you want to do as an NP?
  4. by   Dodongo
    I'm surprised you were hired into the cath lab without ICU experience to begin with. Most health systems (mine included) won't hire a nurse in cath lab/IR without that background. But, I agree that it's a great gig once you're in!

    But, I certainly wouldn't recommend starting a position like ICU at the same time you're starting your FNP program. Either of those on their own is enough to handle at once. Plus, an FNP won't be learning ICU or inpatient medicine in school or on rotations so I can't say it would be all that worth it for you to give up the great position/situation that you currently have.