Blood Stream Infections (BSI) in your unit - page 2

We have recently had a spike in the number of BSI's in our Trauma unit. We have implemented several changes to reduce the bsi's but we have not seen much of a change. Currently, we bathe all patients... Read More

  1. by   rebelccrn
    My SICU has had 2 CLABSIs in the past 12 months and both have been traced back to insertion.

    We implement Curos caps and Bio-patch dressings. We use sterile technique when changing the dressings.

    Also one thing to watch out for is the "hubbing out" of the lines, be sure to the remind the physician to leave you enough exposed catheter to place the bio-patch.

    I wish I could say we change all lines q7days and all femoral lines after the initial 24h but we do not and we still have an almost 0% infection rate.
  2. by   Nolander
    Does anyone know what the bio-patches are inoculated with?
  3. by   sapphire18
    Quote from Nolander
    Does anyone know what the bio-patches are inoculated with?
    I believe it's chlorhexadine.
  4. by   ICUNurseG
    We do pretty much everything people have already said (sterile drsg change w/chlorhexadine scrub, biopatch, etc). We also just got swab caps, which are impregnanted with alcohol. They screw onto unused claves so scrubbing with an alcohol swab doesn't need to be done. They have to be changed every time they are taken off.
    I wish we had a policy to d/c fem lines! They are so gross- once I had a pt have a large bm and the open claves were in the poop! Gross!