Are there any online certifications I can get to help me prepare to do critical care

  1. So I've been working as an TN for two years now; just starting to feel like I know a little bit to be able to be a good nurse. I've been in Med/Surg/Oncology/Tele for over a year and a half. I'm discovering that I am enjoying the challenges of the more complex illnesses and disease processes, I think I would love to be able to spend my shift caring for a couple very acute patients as opposed to 5 patients on a regular floor; you just do t get enough time with each patient!
    i think I'll be ready to apply internally at my work this next year, but I'm afraid I've forgotten a lot of that critical care nursing from school, I worry I don't have enough knowledge to be effective.
    please if anyone can direct me to any type of educational resources that I can use to help prepare myself, and is there any certifications I can get online that might help me as well.?
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  3. by   RNNPICU
    You could join the AACN - american asociation of critical care nurses, and have access to conferences, CE's that could help you get back into the mindset. You will receive an ICU orientation, likely with classes that will train you for the ICU.
  4. by   Charge200J
    Go for it!! You have a lot of knowledge from working on the floor that will make you a good critical care nurse! Get ACLS done. Your hospital sometimes will offer it for a significant discount. The initial class is two days. Really learn and practice the algorithms. We probably use at least one ACLS algorithm every single shift and you want them memorized.
  5. by   BonBonRN
    I bought a book critical care nursing made incredibly easy.I also started reviewing EKG rhythms. I been off the floor for about a year, and was on for one year on IMCU before leaving the hospital setting. I'm looking to do ICU myself.
  6. by   CinLeo42
    Are you working in ICU?