Any PCICU Nurses....input needed

  1. I am soon to be entering nursing school and I just need some direction in the extent of education I should get. I plan on getting my BSN and would like some input from any PCICU nurses out there as to what education you have and how you ended up in PCICU. I always knew I wanted to be a nurse but never considered Peds until my friend had a son born with HLHS. He made it to 16 months and passed after complications after his Glenn surgery (his oxy sats were low during surgery and it is suspected that he should have been intubated extra day). My point is I entered this world of heart children and parents and they have so much stacked up against them and I love the fact that the nurses can make such a HUGE impact on whether these kids make it and on the families. I know you have to be the best to work in this area as these little patients are so fragile and a small decision can mean life or death. I am determined to work with these kids and just need guidance education wise. What degree or specialty should I aim for etc? Thank you!!
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    You may want to try posting this in the peds icu forum. I just started in a peds CVICU after working two years in a NICU. I have my BSN and had luck finding the job I wanted straight out of school (I did have to relocate to do it) but otherwise nothing special. I did two years in the NICU, wanted to try something new so applied to an opening in the PCVICU at my hospital and got the position. I have three more weeks of orientation till I'm on my own
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    Thanks umcRN, I will try posting in peds icu thread. Let me know how you are liking the pcvicu. I have heard it its overwhelming but it is where I want to be.....I think