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My hospital wants to start a CCF, does anyone have any advice or resources they can share? All I know about fellowship is what I see on nurse application sites. I've been trying to find examples of curriculum & how it's organized but not finding anything. 

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Can you be more specific in terms of what is meant by a "nurse fellowship"?  I Googled (of course!!  😀) and it seems there may be some overlap between a fellowship and a nurse residency/internship.  And by the way, I'm a Texas nurse, too! 

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I did an ED nursing fellowship at a level 1 in our hospital system when I was a new nurse in 2008. We used online learning modules from from the Emergency Nurses Associatiation (ENA) and also had classroom training with the hospital and specialty educators. I would look at some of the CCRN prep courses and online leaning from critical care nursing professional bodies - they likely have things you can adapt, no need to reinvent the wheel! 

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