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Hey, I am new to an ICU unit. I completed their in house critical care course and basic dysrythmias class but I still feel like there is a huge knowledge defiect between me and the other nurses. I still got about a month of orientation left but that hardly seems like enough time to learn the "basics" of the ICU. Any suggestions on books or online courses I could take to beef up on the basics and increase my knowledge in the field of critical care nursing. Just as a back ground the ICU I work in takes all types of patients except tramua. So we have neuro, cardiac, and medical.

I love the "ECG's Made Easy" by Aehlert. I ahve had the book for years and it still is a great reference for me...workbook pages to complete also. Great book, has taught me a lot in my study time over the years.

How would someone find a critical care course available in their area? I tried googling without any success???

I was looking for something similar but didn't really have any success.

You just learn by way to put it.

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I found the best way to learn is from caring for different types of patients. Usually, as a new ICU you are give progressively more challenging patients over time. Initially, your patients might be the more stable or chronic. This method allows you to develop your assessment and organzational skills. As you get the hang of it, you will get more unstable patients. As far as reference material, there are a number of great books. You can join the local chapter of AACN, which offer educational opportunities. Two years after graduation, I studied and passed the CCRN certification test. I did because I wanted to learn more. CCRN Study books cover the essential areas which are great to know. Some doctors are great teachers when they feel like it.

Its initially very overwhelming but it gets better with time and experience.

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