Critical Care Course: A Good Idea?

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My hospital system runs a course for several of their facilities in the area. New grads going into certain areas (ICU, ER, CCU, etc) take the course before going into their assigned area. And it is all paid time!

The course includes certification in:




Chest Pain


Crisis Management


The down side is that they require a 2-year contract signed the first day. To get out of the contract before two years costs five figures, although that is prorated over the 2-years.

I'm just wondering how worth it this kind of package will be? I already have all of those certifications (except triage, and my TNCC is up for renewal in around 6 months) and I have just completed my second year of nursing. Plus, I've already worked in my area of the facility for almost a year!

I'm just getting pressured and wanted some perspectives.

If this is like the critcal care course we offer, it is alot more than just "certs". There are very few new grad programs being offered now. I know a couple of new grad RNs who would trade their first and last born kids to have that opportunity.

If you truly don't feel you want to commit to it, allow someone who really would make the commitment have that space in the program.

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I'm confused. You're an experienced nurse already working in the ER. Do they want you to sign this contract in order for you to stay on in the ER? Or are you switching to ICU?

I would be really weary of signing a two year contract that costs five figures to get out of. Situations come up, life happens, and if you were forced to move away, that's an awful lot to pay. I guess I'd need more information about your situation.

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It sounds like a great opportunity. I know you say you have a lot of these certifications, but I'm not sure from your post if you have the work experience (ICU,CCU, ER, Tele). If you don't have the experience, then you definitely need to take that opportunity. I did a two year contract as a tele nurse and it was well worth it b/c now I'm in the unit (critical care course and 12 weeks training-all paid time 1 year contract). Go for it. The job market is very tight and someone else will gladly take that opportunity.

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