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I graduated from nursing school in May, took my boards a month ago and passed, submitted in my fee for licensure which Illinois cashed a week ago...

Spoke to a classmate whom took her boards on the same day I did and she told me that she looked online to see if her name was up as a RN yet, and it was put on there on 8/10/05. I checked mine and it wasn't there. I called the BON and was told that they found out that I have been fingerprinted in the past, which I didn't tell them about when I applied for licensure. That was the only info the gal on the phone could tell me; she couldn't tell me what is going to happen next, or how long I will hear anything. Here is where I am confused...

Very short hx first: I was arrested with pot 10 years ago at the age of 17. I was at a party. I was arrested, but when I went to my court date the judge dropped all charges. I was never convicted of anything. I went on a couple years later to become an LPN, and haven't had a single problem. I also hired a lawyer to get my arrest expunged, and that was also a success.

When the time came around for me to fill out my application for RN, I went to the director of nursing at my school and told her that I was arrested 10 years ago, no charges were filed, am an LPN now, and had it expunged. She told me that I didn't have to check the box, now here I am...:o

What can I expect to happen next? Should I get a lawyer? What am I going to tell my boss?

Gosh what a nightmare. Is there anyone else with your states BON that you can talk to? What about talking to the Director of your Program and asking her for some help. Contact the attorney that was to supposed to have expunged the action and see if you can get him to help you. You may have to hire him.

You probably will have to file a declatory order too, but talk to the attorney first. Just remember the BON is here to protect the patients not the nurse. It is our job to watch out for us. Hope that helps.


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I'm sorry to ask, but what is a declatory order? I have never heard of that.

Yea, it's a nightmare alright.

Now, I have gathered all the paperwork from my expungment. When my lawyer had it expunged, he sent me copies of everything. My lawyer obtained a court order for my city, state, county and the Bureau of identification to erase all fingerprints, mug shots, etc, etc that they have of me. All of those agencies sent my lawyer a compliance letter, which I have copies of. It is bewildering how this has come up.

I am not a sue happy person, but I wonder if this is a "case."

For the state of Tx, you have to file a declaratory order if you have any criminal history, no matter if it is a misdemeanor or felony except for traffic tickets. A declaratory order is where you fill out paperwork and answer the quesitons and explain what happen, then you turn in all the court documentation, show where you did what the judge told you to do, ie: probation, public service, etc. According to the BNE website for Tx it cost $189 to do this.

Are you sure there is no other time you had anything criminal in your background, hot checks, etc? I am sure you will be getting something in the mail explaining what your next step is to do, but in the mean time. What about your boss? I am thinking I would let them know that something is going on and you are not sure what to do about it. But that once you hear from the BON you will let them know. Has she asked about it yet?

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