Criminal Record in CA able to TEST


First off let me state that this by no means is any form of legal advice. Just stating my experience with the CA BRN.

Background: In 2013 I did something very stupid not knowing the repercussions it would later have on my life. I have no excuse for what I did other than young, immature, and surrounded by people who brought nothing but negativity into my life. I shoplifted and was caught and was later charged with a petty theft infraction.

Fast forward to 2015, I had finished all my pre requisites for nursing, was accepted into the program and was going to begin in January. Knowing my record might create a hurdle in achieving that goal I got a lawyer and got it expunged from my record. I was honest with my program director and told her what happened and how it may appear when I did the background check for my BRN application. I was told to simply just write a letter of explanation.

As graduation quickly approached I began to do some research on my own about what I may need to include in my BRN application seeing as I had something on my record. Thanks to allnurses I came across so many posts that shed some light on what to do in this situation, things to include, as well as possible outcomes. With my application I included the letter of explanation (make sure to proofread and get feedback from multiple people whose opinion you trust), all court documents relating to your charges which are specified on the BRN website, letters of character (I included 2 but the more the merrier), and I also included a work evaluation (I had been working at a hospital for 2 years).

I submitted my paperwork on December 19th, would constantly check for any updates or changes on the BreezeCA website, Payed Pearson Vue on January 5th, noticed a change on my status January 12th, called the BRN after waiting for 45 minutes I was notified that I was granted eligibility to take my NCLEX (happy dance)!! Received my Authorization To Test (ATT) on January 15th and picked my date February 12th.

I felt obligated to write this post to shed a little light and insight on future nurses afraid and unsure of this career path due to a mistake they may have made. The main thing is showing accountability and responsibility for your actions as these are traits of an RN. There is hope!!! Now to tackle NCLEX!

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I am happy for you, but I'm also pretty sure I've seen people post about taking/passing NCLEX and then having their license delayed or denied. I hope I'm wrong ...anyone know for sure?