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Hello I have 2 counts of petty theft and 2 counts of loitering with the intent to prostitute in 2008. (Very ruff year for me I maxed out in my group home and was left homeless on the streets due to me being an orphan and turning 18) I completed court probation and I'm in the process of getting it expunged now. I haven't been in trouble since. I want to take a cna course but petty theft is a automatic disqualification. When my record is expunged will that petty theft still show up and affect me? Also it's been 6 years since the convictions and I'm in California. I just don't want to waste my money or time if I can never get certified. I'm also taking classes at a community college so I can advance to eventually be a RN. Could I ever be either or with my backround?

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I moved your thread to the nurses with criminal history. There are many nurses here that can help you. This is a moderated forum and you may see a slight delay in posts and responses.