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Criminal Arrest Prohibited from Practicing

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First and foremost I view this site on a regular trying to retrieve answers to any situation. I graduated from nursing school in May, sat for boards in July passed boards and sent in my Licensure fee and low and behold about two weeks later I received a letter saying that I could not practice because of an arrest I had back in 2010.

I was never convicted I did my community service and thought it would just go away. I was baffled because I never was stopped from attending nursing school, applying for boards, etc. Well after crying my eyes out I went down to the court house Monday July 28, 2014 and also filled out paperwork to get that expunged! I raced to the post office and express mailed a self written letter and a certified document of the disposition of my case.

I called and nagged them to see if they received it and I got the run around. Every time I called they said I had to wait 15 days and call back well I didn't have 15 days so I frustrated. I was to start a new job Monday so I was discouraged. Even though they said don't call I called back the next day and the next day after that. Today 4 days after I called, the lady told me I was active as of today.

From my experience if you were ever arrested you better contact the BON and see what you need to do even if you were not convicted. The time that the people were giving me was a standard wait time so don't let that bring you down! I checked this site up and down for questions on how long this process would take well for me less then a week. So for anybody who has a similar situation be proactive get the stuff done right away and you will be fine! I start work Monday!

Wow..can I ask what was the arrest? I am currently taking classes to prepare for the nursing program and getting a little worried about my background.


What state are you in? I'm in the same situation.

I was arrested for retail theft. Really a person I was with was stealing and when they were caught they told me I could go and they would have to stay. Well that person took off running and left me and they would not let me go. So upsetting but I got the charges dismissed

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The fact that they let you attend nursing school with your criminal record doesn't mean that the IL BON has to automatically hand you a license. The IL BON has it own criteria for licensing applicants with a criminal history.

I would call a lawyer versed in dealing with BONs (I can refer you to TAANA Executive Office - Home to find one in your area) and get them involved, especially if you have to deal directly with the BON. The BON is not the nurse's friend--you need an advocate in this matter whose focus is solely YOU and your interests.

As far as what one should disclose--or not disclose--to BONs, that enters the "giving legal advice" territory, which is against the TOS. Based on threads here, it's safe to say that say that BONs generally get ticked when people fail to disclose information that the BON felt they should. That is why those with any criminal history whatsoever should seek legal counsel when completing applications.

Best of luck.

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Question: Was your name and license number posted on the BON site after you passed the NCLEX?

No it took about two weeks my license was not issued until I sent in the required documents

What required documents? This is the same situation I am in right now. I got a letter saying I am prohibited in IL related to retail theft from over 10 years ago (I was a minor). What did you do/what should I do?