Thanks for the private message-Unfortunately, I don't have enough posts yet to be able to send you one back. I just have a quick question for you regarding pregnancy during NAC II. Did you have anyone pregnant during your NAC II semester? Someone recently told me that another student was asked to not register for NAC II because she would be pregnant during the semester. I wasn't sure if there was any truth to that or not. I'm not really sure if the reasoning had to do with stress load, procedures completed during the semester, etc. Any input you have would be great. Thanks again!


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I guess it would depend on when you are due. We had a girl in Nac1 who was pregnant and due in late November. She induced over the Thanksgiving break so as not to interfere with classes. You won't get a break from your clinical rotations. If you miss you will have to reschedule with your instructor to do one-on-one and that can be hard because the unit also has to be available when you need to reschedule, and several other nursing schools do clinicals at all the hospitals.

IMHO, I would think that you would be OK up to about 6mos gestation, then your body would get tired with all the additional stresses from school and studying and late nights, etc. Are you already pregnant or wanting to get there this semester? Do you have other children? Do you have infant care set up for when you are in school? These are all things to consider.

Good luck!


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I actually just found out that I'm pregnant but I'm only 6 weeks along which means I'm due in September. I will be 5 months at graduation. Sounds like I'll be okay then- Thanks for you help!

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