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Creighton vs, Clarkson vs. Methodist

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I am currently a student at the University of Iowa for a traditional BSN and am considering transferring. I have looked into Creighton, Clarkson, and Nebraska Methodist. I don't know much about the programs. I applied to Creighton to enter there from high school but turned CU down because it was too expensive and gave me too many loans. Clarkson and Methodist are cheaper than Creighton. I am wondering what program is a better choice and will give me the best experience I need?


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I cannot tell you much about Methodist but I know about Clarkson since I earned my BSN there. It has small classes and they told us " Clarkson grads graduate ready to work ". The instructors were great. All in all I don't regret my choice in schools. Good luck with your decision.


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Clarkson prepares you for boards. Progressing through the program I had doubts about it, but upon graduation I knew why things were the way they were. The instructors are very helpful. Many of them are still in school themselves, so they are understanding. I don't have an opinion of the other schools because I do not have any relevance with them.

Thank you for the responses. Another question I have about Clarkson is meeting people and friends. Unlike Creighton, Clarkson does not have sports teams or sororities and such, so I am wondering if it is difficult to make friends or do people hang out with surround area colleges like UNO and Creighton? I am kind of wondering about the social life

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Things are a bit different from when I graduated but I do know that they do have events within the school to provide social activities for students. You can go online to see what is available. And of course if you live in the dorm, you will always have folks to interact with. Good luck !!

Having graduated from Methodist I can tell you it is not an easy program. I do feel that I was very well prepared when I graduated. The hard work and strenuous nature of their program does make you ready for boards and able to start as a nurse upon graduation. It was worth the hard work!


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I went to Methodist and thought it was a great program - tough but really prepares you. Most of their grads pass boards the first time. The vast majority of the faculty really care about helping you learn. It is small enough that the teachers really get to know their students.

I graduate from Clarkson in May. I also received my LPN from there. I can say the programs are challenging but you are well prepared to practice as an RN when you graduate. You will make friends with your classmates as you have MANY projects during your time. Also, they have activities on campus if you are interested. Good Luck!

many old post do not represent the current atmosphere or institutional culture at Clarkson.