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Curious on if my A&P 1 and 2 plus labs (both A grades) credits taken in 2006 at a university will transfer into a CC bridge program once I have my LPN license. Anyone sucessful on this? Or do i have to retake A&P for the 3rd time.

My current LPN program doesn't have credits that transfers to any of the remaining CCs. I will be starting A&P through the LPN program next week. I know its not as in depth. But should I chance it or 're take it.


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If I understand your question correctly, I believe it depends on your school. I am an LPN (graduated last year) but I still had to take college level a&p, micro, etc. You stated you took some at a university in 2006...most schools have a certain time limit those credits are good. For example, at my school, if your science credits are over 5 (or maybe 7?) years old, you have to re take them. So I would definitely ask at your school for their specific requirements. Good luck!

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Most schools use a 5 year maximum limit for sciences like bio, chemistry, nutrition, A&P, and microbiology


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Thanks I think it may vary. My instructor recieved her RN asn maybe 2 yrs ago and they accepted her A&P credits from 1987! Lol her credits are as old as me. I guess ill call up a few schools.

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