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i am 40 years old

this is a little out of topic..but i hope...this can be easily read....

hi everybody!!! it has been a year since i have posted anything here, but now..i think i need to post this one..just as a heelpp!!! sign :o well, i wanted to desperately ask anyone here...especially those who are foreign tell me exactly if i should apply to ces(credentials evaluation services) first before applying for the nclex. or...if i have applied already to the cgfns and has an i.d. i still need to send another set of papers to the ces??? for them to send my credentials to the board of registered nursing??

i am applying for the california board. i have already applied and paid and sent all the necessary papers together with the fbi fingerpinting.

i have read in another post here...that it will take one year??? :imbar before one can receive her att??authority to test??? my gosh!!! :angryfire

that is quite lonnnnnng!!!! :uhoh21:

i have already passed the ielts test...and i am very prepared for the nclex already...but...with all these "rumors?" of one year att release stuff...i think ...i will be needing your opinion and experiences to be able to relate to myself of what is really true and untrue here...thank you all in advance

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If you have applied to Californian BON you do not need to involve CGFNS. ATT is provided by pearson ( which runs NCLEX. I have waited for ATT for 6 weeks approximately, but I applied to NJ BON.

You need to apply to CGFNS in order to get Visa Screen Certificate. Usually they do not demand an addisional set of documents.

Good luck

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ATT stands for "Authorization to Test" and comes from the state where you are applying to for licensure. Once you have this letter is hand, then you contact Pearson-Vue. They have nothing to do with the ATT letter, this actually means that all of your credentials have been accepted by the state Board of Nursing, and that you are eligible for licensure in that state, pending passing of the NCLEX exam.

Again, do not sign up for the NCLEX exam until you have received the ATT letter as a foreign nurse, as you only have 90 days to complete the exam in once you have paid. If you do not receive your ATT letter by then from the state, you lose your $200.

Hope that this clears up any mis-communications....... :balloons:

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Moving to International Nsg

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Unless you are determined to work in California, and are aware that it will be at least two years before you have your green card, I wouldhighly recommend that you get your initial licensure somewhere else. They can take anywhere from four to 12 months for a foreign grad to get the ATT letter. They also will not grant you a hard license until you actually have a Social Security Number in hand. My recommendation is NY, same thing that I tell allof my students, and all of them have applied there. It is a littlemore expensive initially, but the time saved more than makes up for it.

Hope that this helps, please let me know if you have any more questions and I will try to answer them for you...............p.s. Are you required to complete the English exams? If so, I would get them out of the way while waiting....

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