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I am a new grad and my goal is to get my CPSN. My question is this, do you feel that hospital experience is needed before I start working in a medspa and begin training under a surgeon?

I have been offered a job at a medspa (no surgical aspects) and its so tempting to jump in and get comfortable with the aesthetics side, but I worry that if I do this I may corner myself and never have hospital experience. Which would be okay with me as long as it doesn't derail my long-term plans. Obviously, I do not want to be putting my patients at risk either.

Through my school clinicals, I had a lot of experience with drains, IV starts, and a term in the OR, but I don't feel that I am a master of these skills and over time they may get rusty if I am not using them.

PLEASE if you're a CPSN tell me your opinions and experiences.

Thank you!

LoveJRenee, BSN, RN

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I had a similar concern about if going into cosmetic/ aesthetic nursing as a new grad would negatively affect the future of my career. I had a few people tell me that there will always be a Med surg unit that will take me so I decided to go for it. My job is not at a Med spa, I’m In plastic surgery. I think you should take the Med spa job if you haven’t already.. it the job that  Everyone wants.. don’t miss the opportunity.. I don’t have any advice for CPSN

RNin2018, BSN, RN

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The medspa/ plastic surgery gig is a dream for some. There will always be a Med/Surg or even specialty unit that will take a nurse of ANY work experience And teach you nursing skills for the job. It’s jobs like the one you’re looking at that experienced nurses want.