CPS age cap?


Just wondering, what is the age cap for CPS reporting? 18? Is it 21 for disabled children?

I am looking and cannot find anything. I feel like an idiot for not being able to find it!


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Ok just found some fine print saying it's less than 18 years old in my state. But what about developmentally disabled students? (this is hypothetical, i don't have this situation occurring, just wondering!)

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In my state it rolls to Division of Developmentally Disabled or adult protective services as the protections offered by CPS do not apply to those who are chronologically adults but APS/DDDS protections do. Each state should have a mandated advocacy network available for you to consult with to know which agency will afford protection to this vulnerable population.

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If you aren't sure you can still report to CPS. They will forward it to the appropriate agency. They are all mandated reporters to each other. For example, Animal Control is required to report to CPS and Adult Protective Services. If an animal is being abused it may be because of the conditions in the home or the Parents is abusing the animal to hurt the child, elder, or other adult in the home.


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Thank you all for your responses! I wouldn't even really have that situation happen here, but was just curious!