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I have been thinking about becoming a CNA before nursing school starts in August. I think it will give me a little more insight on what it will be like to be a nurse and what "I" think it will be like.

Good idea? Anyone ever heard of this place?


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I went here and received my certification in 2011. It's a good program. The owner is very knowledgeable and easy to get along with. The teacher is good too. We did our clinicals at a nursing home in carrollton. Be happy to answer any other questions you have about it.


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I took my CPR certification from here. It was great and the place seemed very well organized.


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I realize this is old, but here goes. This place was recommended to me by a nursing dept. How much outside of class studying does the program require? Would you recommend it while doing a Micro or A&P type of class?

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