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CPNRE 2018 December


Anyone writing the CPNRE in Nov 19- Dec 9 batch? How are you guys preparing. Im super anxious!!

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hi, I was wondering if anyone is appearing for the Cpnre in Nov-dec?

did you finish your CPNRE yet?

Hi Guys,

I am planning to give my exam in January 2018. This is my second attempt very nervous this time.

when did you appear for it for the first time?

hi, I write dec 6!

Im super nervous too! Im sure youll be fine, you learned from the mistakes you made the first time. This time itll hopefully be a pass!!

Hello! I wrote the exam on Nov 22nd in Ontario. Now I'm waiting for results

Hi! I wrote the exam on Nov 19th and waiting for the result. how did you find the exam?

I didn't find it very difficult, although some questions/answers were vague. I'm IEN and I did all practice questions from CPNRE practice guides 4th & 5th edition. Waiting for the results...that is the hardest part, if you ask me:yawn:

I am an IEN too and I did all the prep guides and the practise test too. I found too many knowledge-based questions and Im not sure if it was difficult or easy. I am also waiting for the result and hopefully will get the result in few weeks.