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Hey there all EC students/grads...

I am getting ready for NC5 and am starting to eye the CPNE task. What I wanted to ask is what is the process? I see people mentioning grids, critical elements etc. and the long application process.

Is there anything I can start doing soon to help with the application process?

For example I know I will need a background check and some medical information....are there any tips on making sure the process goes smooth, what can I start doing. Also with regards to the CPNE what resources did you use to prepare?

Also anything about the process that you say "I wish I had known that before"



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Once you have completed all 7 of the NC exams and you have completed at least 21 of the required 30 general ed hours, you just e-mail Excelsior and they will send you an application packet for the CPNE. You might get all your shot records together if your physician doesn't have that info already. I couldn't find my info on my Hep B vac and had to have a titer done and that took time. I also was out of date on my MMR and Tetanus and had to repeat those. I had a TB skin from work, but my Dr didn't like the paper work that was provided to prove that and I had to get work to give additional information. The physical and shots took me the longest. There is a code and a particular place that you have to send off for your background check and they will provide that in the packet. That part only took a few days. The physical and shots took me 3 weeks to get all those ducks in a row.

Takes 6-8 weeks to get a test date. I applied in Sept 06 and my test dates are end of Mar this year.

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One hiccup is that I was CPR certified through my employer and assumed it would be sufficient. Had all the other application stuff ready, but EC refused to accept my CPR card. It was a set back and a pain in the toosh but had to wait for, pay for, and take an American Heart Assiciation CPR class when I had taken an "unapproved" CPR certification 6 months prior that included EXACTLY the same info.

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