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CPNE to NCLEX wait time Excelsior

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OK I know it's different for each state and in the last year wait times w/ EC have grown huge. For those that have finished in the last 9-12 months here is my question....

From the time you "met graduation requirements" to the time you got your ATT for the NCLEX how long was it?

I live in MA and the dean needs to actually SIGN the application form. When I graduated from LPN from the time I got the form signed, mailed it got the ATT and tested was 10 days so I know the BON in MA is not slow.

I'm trying to gauge how long I should anticipate waiting. I just sent in my CPNE application and I've heard that will take 4-6 months (although they charged my credit card the same day they received the app).

I passed the CPNE (which was my final requirement) at the beginning of January but could not get the ATT until my degree was conferred on the graduation date of March 17. However, things got rolling pretty smoothly after that and I tested and got my RN license about April 10th. Excelsior only graduates every three months.

The wait times are ridiculous and really hold you back. It's bad when you get on a roll and you have to sit idle for so long.

BTW, this was in 2006.

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I did CPNE Mar 23, 24,25. They updated all my records and showed that I had met all the requirements of the degree on April 27. I had requested an application package from my state BON in late Feb and sent off my fingerprints for the criminal background check first part of Mar. My official graduation date is May 17 and EC called me on Thurs and let me know that my state BON had received my application package from them that day and they would be sending official transcripts to them on Friday. Our state BON does not require official transcripts to start the process, but the application requires EC to fill out a section of it and sign it. I was told by my state board to go ahead and register for the NCLEX with Pearson Vue, but I can't set a test date yet. Our state BON will issue a temporary license that is good for 90 days pending the passing of the NCLEX. I'm told that takes about 10 days from the time they get my application.

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