CPCC Nursing Fall 2020


Hello everyone,

I noticed there has yet to be a thread on the ADN program for CPCC Fall 2020 started. I personally felt that it may would be a little more comforting if there was for those of us that are nervous and are searching for reassurance, or maybe just looking for someone that understands the anxiety associated with the wait. If anyone is wondering, for my application I completed all the prerequisites and made at least the minimum requirements for the TEAS.


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I have completed all of my pre-requisites as well, however I was not able to add MAT-143 for points because I made a C. My TEAS scores were 85.1 for reading, 84.4 for math 83.0 for science 70.8 for English & Lang, and 82.0 overall. Total application points are 45.15. Will keep everyone updated. If everyone else could please share in detail their application as well. Thanks!

Wow! Good job on the TEAS. My application school was a little over 53.


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Wow that’s really good! Do you have a bachelors? I’m pretty sure you will get in with that application score based off of previous posts.

Thank you! I sure hope so, I'm still very nervous. I don't have a previous degree, just completed all the prerequisites and my score for the TEAS was a 84 in Reading, 96 in math, 76 overall.


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Your TEAS scores were amazing!!! My score is looking a little shabby compared to yours. Lol I’ve been trying to get in for forever. But with that score, I’m like 99% sure you have a seat. You did really well.


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Hey! I applied for the fall with CPCC. I have all pre-read except the Math class finished and TEAS score of an 80. Application score of a 44. I don’t expect to get in tbh but my application is a lot more competitive at Mitchell Community College and applied there as well for the fall.

That's good that you have also applied to another program. I've only applied to CPCC for Fall 2020.


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I got my acceptance today I applied last semester with 78 teas score 89 in reading 87 in math and 45 points total but missing one general ed course so I got that done and applied again with 48 points. For anyone applying in the future I suggest having all of your gen ed courses completed bc my application was denied last semester for that reason. I also applied at Gaston College and South Piedmont as backups and got accepted into those as well their teas scores and application aren’t as competitive as CPCCs in my opinion.

I received my acceptance letter today! Excited to meet y’all in the fall!