CP6 lab test?


New grad Q - What is included in a CP6 lab test?

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Did you google your question or look into your textbook?

New grads must learn how to research their questions. Online forums may or may not be reliable.

I am new to British Columbia and english is second language for me. Yes I have checked my textbooks and looked on internet. Unfortunately I do not know what CP6 stands for and it makes it difficult to look up in a text book. I have tried but did not see "CP6" listed anywhere. I have some ideas of what it might be but I just wanted to confirm if I were right. Thank you for being so helpful and understanding.

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Chemistry profile 6? Check a lab website. In the US there is ARUP, Quest & LabCorp

Thank you for your reply. I will check the lab site. Your help is much appreciated

You were right it is chemistry profile 6. I am used to calling it a chemistry panel which is what I though it might be. Your help is much appreciated.