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COVID-19 Remote Nursing Classes

by Heather Marie Heather Marie (New) New

Hi everyone,

I’m a nursing student in my first year, 2nd semester of a 2-year program. Like many, we Had our last class on March 12th and went on Spring Break until now. This week, our faculty will discuss how to move the courses to remote learning. I’m assuming our clinical rotation will be cancelled as well.

My question is, how are other nursing programs/schools across the country handling this transition? How are the exams being done? How are the required clinical hours being accounted for?

Stay safe,


At USF exams are moving to online using Proctorio, classes will be online using Blackboard Collaborate, and clinicals are cancelled. I know the groups that still had 2 Psych clinicals are doing ATI assignments to make it up. My group had 3 Complex II (Med Surge II) clinicals. There’s supposed to be more info coming soon.

I’m in my 3rd if 4 semesters, in a 1 year accelerated 2nd Degree, BSN.