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Covid-19 PPE


The hospice with whom I work is starting to focus on Covid + patients... We’re given a PPE kit which consists of gloves, a thin gown, and a flimsy faceshield.... My nurse friends who work in the hospitals here are telling me that this is not the proper PPE, that we should be wearing disposable suits and sturdy faceshields whenever contact is made with these patients. As a nurse I will take good care of anyone, but want to be protected when doing so. Feedback?

No this is not proper PPE for the care of covid+ patients. You don't even get a respirator mask?

Just say no.

Fight for proper PPE or turn down the assignments until they provide it. I turned down assignments where they were unsure of the patients status positive or negative becauae they provided no PPE

Does anyone have examples that they are willing to share of what PPE their hospitals are providing for care of COVID patients?

Mine strictly follows the CDC guidelines (isolation gown, gloves, N95 mask, face shield, or CAPR)- but I have seen that frontline staff in other institutions wear the disposable suits, hair bonnets, sometimes shoe covers as well. I am wondering whether these increased measures are necessary? Should we be advocating for them in my institution as well??

Thank you to anyone who can provide some insight!